I am a visual artist living and working in London.


Space and colour are recurring themes in my practice.  Screen-printing has proved to be an appropriate medium for experiments in representing space, geometry and architectonic forms.  I can apply large flat areas of colour to build up the structure of the building.  In several exhibition pieces I have responded to the existing space and lighting by adding painted or constructed elements that emphasise the angular junctions between ceilings, walls, floors and light from doorways and windows.


In acrylic and watercolour painting I still search for the structure of the subject whether flowers or landscapes.  In contrast with strong architectural lines, I explore the organic elements of water, land and sky, softer rounded shapes and blending between the layers of colour.


Influences include the art works of Juan Munoz, the writing of J G Ballard and films such as Orson Welles’s ‘The Trial’.  Can I bring the organic and the architectural together?  In ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ J G Ballard writes: ‘Already she was confusing the perspective of the room…her figure interrupted the junction between the walls.’