Audio Visuals

‘A Return to Order’


In this large-scale installation I projected series of images of plaster life masks onto cotton hangings soaked in plaster.  The hangings provided an imperfect screen that fragmented and distorted the images. 


I have also investigated how fragments of human voices can be used to form a composite representation as in the video pieces ‘Group Photo’ and ‘Camden Talking’.


'Camden Talking'


Over a period of six months, strangers initiated conversations on Camden streets and public transport.  I then transcribed these, highlighting key words and phrases in red to draw attention to what was important to these strangers.  The transcriptions were wrapped around tiles and the tiles arranged to emphasise the planes of a geometric shape.  This work can be viewed on one level as an entirety.  Alternatively, people’s concerns and motivations can be studied more closely by reading the details they disclosed.  As suddenly as these outpourings began, they stopped.




'Group Photo'


Recordings were made of a group of art students talking about themselves and their work.  


Significant fragments from the recordings were made into a composite ‘photo’ of the group as a memento of their year together.  


The final piece consisted of a film of the chairs they had occupied accompanied by sound recordings.



A film made as a response to research into an 18th century French oak staircase in the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Red silk falls and flows down a staircase.